Training & support

At Perspire Sauna Studio we know that the key to getting you up and open will be our initial training and support. The key to keep you open and operating successfully will be the on-going development and support we will provide on a continuous basis.

From finding the right location to the right contractor and getting your studio built out on-time and within budget, to recruiting and hiring just the right staff to run the day to day operations; we have you covered.

Prior to opening we know you will need to have pre-opening marketing to ensure you open up with at least 100 members ready to enjoy their first infrared sauna and how to manage those members and add new ones on a daily basis. We have that laid out in detail as well.

What will you need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to keep your business running smoothly, we have it all detailed in our online training modules that you will access at any time.

We do not require you to have experience in the health and fitness industry but believing in and following a healthy lifestyle will go a long way in fueling your passion for the business and sharing that passion with your staff and your clientele.

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