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First a brief history and the evolution of the sauna.

Let’s be clear, the word “sauna,” means “bath” or “bathhouse” steam or dry room for cleansing. This certainly makes sense when you consider they were used for physical and mental cleansing and purification purposes, treating illnesses and relaxation.

There are certainly different histories to when the first sauna was set up; some say 10,000 years ago after the last Ice Age, but it was in 1112 that there are written descriptions of the first Finnish Sauna. Initially they were earth pits covered with animal skins, very similar to the Native American Sweat Lodges with stones and fire to create the heat and the smoke with the stones radiating back the heat within the space. Over time they evolved to four walls, one with a door, an earth floor and possibly a turf roof. A stove was located in the corner to burn the wood for the heat and tree trunks were used to sit on. Some claimed that a spirit protected the sauna such as an Elf or Gnome and it was important to take good care of your sauna and keep the sauna clean.

The Iron Age brought about sheet metal stoves, making it easier to burn and heat the sauna and after World War II, the ability to heat up a sauna became easier and faster with the introduction of electric stoves.

To this day there are sweat saunas, steam saunas, Turkish Baths, Roman Baths and many more but it was the invention of the infrared sauna and a patent in1965 by a doctor in Japan who used the far infrared for healing that the industry began to change. The ability to heat up the body from the core allowed for so many health benefits that are often difficult to obtain. We would have to wait until the 1980’s for this technology to become available in the USA.

It was Hippocrates who once boasted that, “if he were only allowed to create or provoke a fever, he could heal any disease.” If only far infrared saunas had been around in 400 BC.

Over the years, far infrared sauna technology continues to be improved and we at Perspire Sauna Studio are happy to be a part of this innovative and healing technology market.

Not only have we tested and in many cases discarded infrared sauna models and manufacturers since we began our business in 2010, we now work very closely with one manufacturer who meets all of our needs for delivering just the right infrared sauna to our studios and now to the Perspire Sauna Studios of our franchisees.

With the right far infrared sauna and the business model and systems we have created and refined since opening in May 2010, we have developed a business model that is ready to franchise.

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