Who We Are

Perspire Sauna Studio offers our franchisees entry to the exponentially-expanding health and wellness market at a competitive cost. From opening our first location in May 2010 in Costa Mesa, CA to the extensive field-testing and development of the business model, including market testing the best-in-class infrared sauna manufacturers until we found the right one. We then opened our second location in January 2016 in Laguna Niguel, CA and our third location in November 2016 in Huntington Beach, CA. We are now prepared to support others in opening their own Perspire Sauna Studios in new markets. Our Infrared Sauna Membership model empowers members to detox, burn calories and feel great as well as providing our franchisees with recurring revenue streams. We have also partnered with our chosen infrared sauna manufacturer to bring our franchisees the best in infrared sauna technology for their Perspire Sauna Studios.

The Perspire Sauna Studio team is passionate about the benefits of infrared sauna, customer support and satisfaction and know it is the right time to bring this to other areas in California, the USA and globally.

Why Perspire Sauna Studio?

If you have considered owning your own business but want to still enjoy a level of independence with your time, Perspire Sauna Studio is certainly a good fit for you. The studios can be run and managed by you, or a General Manager that you oversee. If you are looking to open more than one location, allowing you to oversee a staff of passionate infrared sauna studio team members, our model provides this opportunity as well. Our operating model and membership management software used by Perspire Sauna Studio allows you to analyze your monthly, quarterly and annual budgets based on this recurring membership model.

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