Why Franchise

If you have been searching for just the right franchise brand to get involved with you have likely read a great deal on why you should franchise instead of going it on your own. For each person, for each franchisee the reason and the final decision is different.

Some of the key reasons are listed here based on our own experience and what we have read or heard from others, you may come up with new one for yourself when you join a franchise brand and own and operate your own franchise business.

  • A franchisor will have taken the time to develop and test their concept in the market, creating a brand image, developing the systems, training, marketing and all other aspects of the business in advance. You can step in to the business and begin operations without trying to figure it all out by simply following the proven formula of the franchisor.
  • A proven franchise system will have key elements in place such as a) best locations; b) size and suggested rents; c) built-out designs and plans; d) preferred suppliers with pre-negotiated pricing in place; and really much more then can be listed on this page.
  • Business plans and financial projections should be available from established franchisors so you can approach banks and lenders with clarity and focus.
  • Continued research and development so that you can focus on running your business or simply overseeing the team and managers who run the day to day operations for you.
  • Creative collaboration and support from other franchisees. Not only will you have the franchisor there to turn to when you need some help guidance or advice but you will have the other franchisees in the system all working together with you to grow the brand.

Low Startup Costs

We aim to minimize overhead and startup costs so that our franchisees can enjoy financial freedom as soon as possible. The estimated investment to secure, develop and open a Perspire Sauna Studio is $218,500 – $304,300. This includes the initial franchise fee of $35,000, costs for 9-12 Perspire Infrared Saunas, rent, build-out, other related costs to opening your business and extra funds for working capital. Our studios provide state-of-the-art technology and an unparalleled sauna experience for our clients, which has proven a successful approach since we opened for business in May 2010.

We are basing our estimated cost on California real estate and construction pricing; your costs may be more or less depending on where you will open your Perspire Sauna Studio.

New & Exciting Business

Over the years, far infrared sauna technology continues to be improved and we at Perspire Sauna Studio are happy to be a part of this innovative and healing technology market.

Not only have we tested and in many cases discarded infrared sauna models and manufacturers since we began our business in 2010, we now work very closely with one manufacturer who meets all of our needs for delivering just the right infrared sauna to our studios and now to the Perspire Sauna Studios of our franchisees.

With the right far infrared sauna and the business model and systems we have created and refined since opening in May 2010, we have developed a business model that is ready to franchise.

Proven System

Our training and support is extensive and designed to meet your needs.

We know that owning and operating a franchise will present different challenges than what you face as an employee or member of a corporate team. That is why we spent six years developing our programs and then two more years to be sure we could duplicate the success by opening two additional locations and further redesigning and creating new systems to add to our already refined programs. This was to ensure that we had a proven system ready to meet the needs of our new franchisees. When you franchise with Perspire Sauna Studio you will receive the training, tools and support you need to get up and running quickly, solve any unforeseen problems and grow your own location(s) without wondering what you need to do next.

Since opening our first location in Costa Mesa, CA in 2010 to the most recent location in Huntington Beach, CA we have worked hard as a team to develop and fine tune the business methodology and proven systems that have led to our success in each of our locations. Now it is your turn to experience our systems and the success of your own business.

With our dedicated support staff to deliver our customized training in recruiting and hiring staff, sales and customer service for our customers, detailed pre-opening sales programs and key suppliers to provide the business management software for an autopay revenue stream, top of the line infrared saunas and supplies needed to effectively run your own Perspire Sauna Studio on a day to day basis.

Training & Support

At Perspire Sauna Studio we know that the key to getting you up and open will be our initial training and support. The key to keep you open and operating successfully will be the on-going development and support we will provide on a continuous basis.

From finding the right location to the right contractor and getting your studio built out on-time and within budget, to recruiting and hiring just the right staff to run the day to day operations; we have you covered.

Prior to opening we know you will need to have pre-opening marketing to ensure you open up with at least 100 members ready to enjoy their first infrared sauna and how to manage those members and add new ones on a daily basis. We have that laid out in detail as well.

What will you need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to keep your business running smoothly, we have it all detailed in our online training modules that you will access at any time.

We do not require you to have experience in the health and fitness industry but believing in and following a healthy lifestyle will go a long way in fueling your passion for the business and sharing that passion with your staff and your clientele.

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