Lee Braun – CEO, President & Co-Founder

Lee’s Degree in Business from Michigan State University and his background in the commercial construction industry have provided him the foundation to successfully grow Perspire Sauna Studio into the innovative and fast-growing company it is today. Lee has been the driving force for the development and growth of the company every step of the way; he has been the Managing Partner of SweetSweat17, LLC since 2010, the Managing Partner of Perspire HB since its opening in 2016, and has taken on the titles of CEO, President and Co-Founder of Perspire Sauna Studio at the onset of its formation in September 2017.

Ken Arsenian – Sr. Vice President & Co-Founder

Ken has worked alongside Lee from day one to lay the groundwork for Perspire. His law degree from the University of Southern California and experience in B2B Software Sales has been essential to the development and growth of Perspire. He serves as the Co-Founder of SweetSweat17 and Perspire HB since their formations in 2010 and 2016, and has embraced the titles of Sr. Vice President and Co-Founder of Perspire since September 2017.

Shery Christopher – Director of Franchise Development

Shery brought her expertise and talents to the team as the Director of Franchise Development when the company was formed in 2017. As the owner of Shery Christopher Consulting for over 30 years, she has coached and consulted business owners and franchisors on all aspects of planning, development, systemization and expansion.

Katy Fetters – Director of Training

Katy joined the team in 2012 as the General Manager of SweetSweat17 overseeing all employee operations at the local Orange County locations. She trains all front of house employees in software, customer service, member sales and day to day responsibilities. Katy has held the title of Director of Training since the company’s transition in September 2017.

Katelyn McCreery – Director of Business Development

Katelyn’s Degree in Business from the University of Nevada LV and experience in food and beverage marketing has provided her with the knowledge and skill set to assist in developing Perspire’s brand and partner relations in the Orange County community. She has held her position as the Business Development Director for all local studios since joining the team in 2016, and has taken on the new title of Director of Business Development during the transition of the company in 2017.

Nedda Joveini – Perspire Team Trainer and Franchisee Support

Nedda’s prior position as an Assistant Operations Manager at LA Fitness provided her with the background experience she needed to join Perspire and eventually move into the role of Team Trainer Studio Manager at the Laguna Niguel location in the fall of. 2017. She has fully embraced the development of the brand and the direction into franchising assisting with team development and franchisee support.

I was diagnosed with lyme’s disease and mercury poisoning. I heard that Perspire Sauna Studio helped in eradicating mercury poisoning. Instead of doing an invasive treatment for it I came to Perspire 5 times a week for 4 months and now I am negative!”

Alison Hord, Perspire Member

I’ve experienced joint pain for as long as I can remember, and after a few weeks of Infrared Sauna use it subsided. As an added benefit I’ve also dealt with eczema my entire life and now that is gone.

Jon Ko, Perspire Member