Our Process


Register Online

If you feel you would like to find out more about the Perspire Sauna Studio Franchise and speak to a Perspire Team member, please fill out the form on this page and we will reach out to you to discuss our program in greater detail


Speak With A Team Member

A franchise team member will follow-up with an initial email to provide you with some additional information and ask you to respond telling us more about you and your interest in the Perspire Sauna Studio franchise program. One-on-one calls will typically follow to get your questions answered.


Submit the Application

This is a step by step process in researching a franchise and in the franchisor finding our more about you. After our initial emails and calls, if we both agree to move forward we will send you our Confidential Questionnaire (CQR) and a Non-Disclosure (ND) document to fill out and return to us before we can send out our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The CQR and ND will tell us more about you and ask that you agree not to disclose the contents of our FDD to others who are not involved in the review process with us.


Receive & Review the Franchise Documents

Once we have received the CQR and ND back we will send you our FDD. This is the document that will tell about us, our company, officer and directors, information on the initial fees and any on-going fees that will be required to be paid by you to us and other suppliers, estimated cost to secure the franchise and open for business and other information related to the franchise program we are offering. The FDD also includes our audited financials and an un-executed copy of our franchise agreement. We recommend you review this document in its entirety and make a list of all questions for us to address on the next call.


Meet The Team At A Discovery Day

After the FDD has been reviewed and discussed we will both agree to move forward and set you up to attend our next Discovery Day where you will spend at least 3 hours meeting our key team members, staff and the founders of the Perspire Sauna Studio brand. This is a time to get additional questions answered and see if there is a good fit for you and for us to move forward to the final stages.


Sign Your Franchise Agreement

We have moved through the process of sharing and review and both agree that you would make a good franchisee for Perspire Sauna Studios and that we are the brand and franchisor you want to join and grow with. The signing of the franchise agreement and awarding of the franchise is our next step. You are now a Perspire Sauna Studio Franchisee – Welcome to the team.


Get Ready To Open

Now the real fun and yes, work begins. Finding just the right location, the right team members for your studio and the training to get you up and running your own Perspire Sauna Studio.
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