Below is a map of the available markets we have to offer. We have noted where we already have established Perspire Sauna Studio locations and where we are looking to expand into with new locations. Our aim is to maximize brand awareness in each region without restricting each Franchisee’s earnings potential.

USA Map Placeholder
  • Actively Targeting These Areas

  • Not Actively Targeting These Areas. *Please contact us for more info

If you’re not sure of the area in which you want to open up your own Perspire Sauna Studio location is available, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask by emailing

We look forward to sharing more about the Perspire Sauna Studio brand and franchise program with you.

I was diagnosed with lyme’s disease and mercury poisoning. I heard that Perspire Sauna Studio helped in eradicating mercury poisoning. Instead of doing an invasive treatment for it I came to Perspire 5 times a week for 4 months and now I am negative!”

Alison Hord, Perspire Member

I’ve experienced joint pain for as long as I can remember, and after a few weeks of Infrared Sauna use it subsided. As an added benefit I’ve also dealt with eczema my entire life and now that is gone.

Jon Ko, Perspire Member